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Prayer is simply talking (not necessarily out loud) to your Creator in a way that reflects your true character while loving, honoring, and respecting his. God wants to experience your thoughts, feelings, and desires in a personal way. Prayer is authentic communion with the Lord. I want my prayer life to be proactive, and not just reactive... Whether they’re dialogues of praise, repentance, reflection, questions, or requests. If you have to think about what to pray you’ve complicated it already. I wrote these Simple Prayers to reflect the basic relational elements of the Christian faith.

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At what point did I lose hope? When did I begin to lose faith in you, Lord? The minute I lost focus; I took my eyes off the cross and focused on my own self-pity! But you never left my side... Always in sight of my wanderings. You are closer than my distance and your presence consumes the very air I breathe. My hope is renewed again. - A Simple Prayer, Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 9 June 2013

God, I'm sorry you only hear from us when we're in trouble or desperate. Amazingly... You listen intentionally and your grace forever abounds. - A Simple Prayer, Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 20 June 2013

Lord, I am so grateful for your mercy, it is new every day. Thank you for seeing who I am becoming, and not who I’ve been. Your presence saturates me like the rain, every drop pouring over me is evidence of your loving-kindness. Shower renewal over my weary soul... Speak life to me. Let my offering be one of thanksgiving and service. - A Simple Prayer, Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 31 August 2013

In the name of finding my own way don’t let me hurt people in the process. Lord, let the refining make me gentle, kind, and patient as your grace has demonstrated. - A Simple Prayer, Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 2 January 2014

Lord, I want to be a leader that is both transparent and intentional, one that addresses my shortcomings and weaknesses in a relentless pursuit of excellence. - A Simple Prayer, Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 27 August 2014

What is most sacred to me? God, is it not your presence in my life? Is it not the passion to know you more? If I am not asking myself these questions every day, then perhaps the things that are most sacred to me have replaced you. Such a travesty can happen more easily than I am willing to admit. Lord, give me the strength to prevent this and the courage to confess when I have failed. - A Simple Prayer, Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 19 May 2015

God, I am so thankful that you are intently involved in the details of our stories. You skillfully piece together our thoughts and wonderings, bringing confirmations from interactions with people and happenings in our everyday lives. Give me wisdom and understanding as I seek and trust you in this process. - A Simple Prayer, Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 1 August 2019

God, there’s nothing we can do but trust and pray when our current conditions are chaotic and the storm is raging. You are the strength in our weakness, our protector from trouble, the light in the darkness, and all hope during despair. You were not surprised by the situation... Already The Warrior before the battle raged. You. Are. Almighty!! Amen. - A Simple Prayer, Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 14 June 2020