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Prayer is simply talking (not necessarily out loud) to your Creator in a way that reflects your true character while loving, honoring, and respecting his. God wants to experience your thoughts, feelings, and desires in a personal way. Prayer is authentic communion with the Lord. I want my prayer life to be proactive, and not just reactive... Whether they’re dialogues of praise, repentance, reflection, questions, or requests. If you have to think about what to pray you’ve complicated it already. I wrote these Simple Prayers to reflect the basic relational elements of the Christian faith.

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Pride is a killer. I wrestle with it—in some form or fashion—every single day. Just when I think I have humility mastered, arrogance creeps in again. Lord, I don’t want to be caught up in myself, I want to be caught up in you.  A Simple Prayer, Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 21 September 2012

Lord, this prayer is because you love me, because you’ve blessed me, and because I am breathing. I’m not asking for anything. You deserve my praise way before my petition. - A Simple Prayer, Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 1 October 2012

Lord, I often become dangerously comfortable in my own strength and abilities. When this happens it's easy to question your methods and look down on others. Help me to remember I am not my own but have been bought with a price. You have made me who I am and purposed me for the greater cause. Remind me to remain a seeker, to sacrifice my agendas, and to serve your kingdom in response to your call. - A Simple Prayer, Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 4 November 2012

Your creation surrounds me. Its beauty entertains my eyes and I am amazed at all that I see: the mountains, the sunsets, the ocean and its crashing waves. Lord, I am in awe of your originality and creativity. You are the Grand Artist and the universe is your canvas. Because I was made in your image, let me be creative too as I seek to honor you by reflecting your nature. - A Simple Prayer, Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 20 January 2013

How can people be so unjust? Why is it so easy for them to compromise their integrity while using others for personal gain? I have been a victim of this political madness. Lord, there are things in my own heart that are just as wicked. Make me aware and keep me humble. Pride will always have ulterior motives. It hurts. God, you are leading me through the desert to that well-watered place. Of this, I am sure. - A Simple Prayer, Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 18 February 2013

God, the whole universe dances in celebration of your greatness. The stars twinkle in the sky, the ocean's waves crash onto the shore, the leaves sing as the wind blows through the tree branches, and the planets spin in the endless cosmos. Lord, let me never lose sight of your wonder, and let me gracefully take my place in the dance. - A Simple Prayer, Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 4 March 2013

Shame on me, God! I've caught myself—once again—looking for things to worry about, slipping off into my otherness. Instead of spending every breathing opportunity dreaming about the possibilities, I've been foolishly entertaining "what if" scenarios for every troublesome area of my life. My thoughts are dizzy with worry. Lord, I am determined to war instead of worry, to persevere instead of panic, and to seek you instead of stress. - A Simple Prayer, Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 18 March 2013

God, you always know what we need and when we need it. You are always right on time. Thank you. - A Simple Prayer, Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 27 March 2013