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I love bicycles! From the moment I lost the training wheels on my first bicycle I was shredding the back roads of Texas. Growing up I had groovy bikes with chopper handlebars and race plates, and ones with gas tanks and fenders like a motorcycle. Then, in the mid-80s, I rolled into the world of freestyle and modified my low-end Huffy with GT parts so I could do tricks.

Gym Ed's Bike Shop is not an actual bike shop. At least, not yet. It's my branding and video set for some retro bike builds I've got up my short sleeves. The videos are for grown kiddos like me who still wear checkered Vans and have the same 2-wheel addictions. Check the builds out: the 1984 Diamond Back Formula One, the 1983 Mongoose Californian Build (Van Halen Tribute Bike), the 1985 Redline 600c, a 1984 Stu Thomsen Huffy Tribute Bike (which the BMX King himself commented on), and a 1985 Huffy... Keep it gnarly!! Click the logo to visit the official site >