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Who really defines success anyway? Success is a relentless pursuit, not a final destination. - Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 19 February 2005

You cannot have salvation apart from trials; they are an essential part of the refining process. If you are having trials, rejoice that you are becoming more like Christ. If you aren’t, reevaluate your salvation. - Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 14 March 2005 (Used in the Epictrek writings and in devotional Trials)

God is not looking for model citizens, he wants passionate pursuers! - Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 22 March 2005

God is not passive about our dilemmas or the strengthening of our character. - Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 3 August 2005 (Used in the Epictrek writings and in devotional Trials)

Worship takes us to the place just beyond our personal preferences and ideals, where pride and convenience are sometimes hidden hinderances. We arrive at a place of hopeful refuge, where we are renewed with the passion of freedom in Christ. - Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 9 January 2006

We worship out of dedication, not obligation. The beauty of our worship is revealed when we recklessly abandon the right of choice and humbly offer an offering of praise. - Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 20 January 2006

Worship takes us beyond the point of what we are comfortable doing. - Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 20 January 2006

How many times do we find ourselves living in the past?  We are held captive by "if only I had... ."  We wallow in our failures or we are mesmerized by memories.  Our today is paying the price of our yesterday when all along it was created to build our tomorrow. - Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 26 April 2006 (Used in the Epictrek writings)

Purpose is born when we choose to live beyond ourselves and for ourselves. - Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 26 April 2006

Trials are not a test of our ability, but rather our availability.  The process reveals the evidence of our faith and proves the depth of our character. - Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 22 May 2006 (Used in the Epictrek writings and in devotional Trials)

The beauty of God and his nature is best reflected through awe and wonder and amazement and mystery. - Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 7 June 2006

Our questions will either embitter us and hold us back or engage us, sending us on a passionate quest for God with a deep longing to know him more. - Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 7 June 2006

The journey should be: “This is God’s plan—where do I fit in the picture?” Instead, it has become: “This is my plan—where does God fit in the picture?” This mentality has got to change. - Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 12 June 2006 (Used in the Epictrek writings)

In the blistering heat of summer a man longs for the cool of winter, but when the blizzards blow he regrets having forsaken the warmth. - Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 6 September 2006

You’ve heard it said: “You only get one chance to make a first impression”, and thank God this is not true in our relationship with him. He is never impressed yet eternally impartial, never elevating one of his children above another. We are relieved of the pressure to impress God and set free to emulate him. - Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 6 September 2006

These quotes are a collection of daily thoughts, curiosities, ideas, challenges, and questions I’ve had in my journey. I am always quick to write them down, and have found tremendous encouragement and inspiration when reflecting on them. What starts in my journal often lands in my writings.

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