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What we say to others about Jesus should not be: “I’ve found the answer” but rather: “I’m a sinner and I’ve found forgiveness”. More than a person’s need to find the answers is their need to fill the longing in their hearts, a space that can only be filled by a gracious Savior who loves, heals, forgives, and gives hope. - Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 17 January 2008, revised 27 March 2013

God can allow somebody to be at the wrong place and time to fulfill the destiny of somebody at the right place and time. - Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 3 July 2008

The path of obedience is never an easy one, but it is always the right one. - Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 6 July 2008

Move on behalf of God so he can move on behalf of you. - Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 1 August 2008

Live out your dreams through relentless pursuit, serve your God with reckless abandon, and journey on without fear of failure. - Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 12 September 2008

The journey is not just about discovering where you are going, it’s discovering who you are becoming along the way. - Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 24 September 2008

Sunday serves as the end of a week served well or with struggle. It also offers a new beginning to a week open to opportunities and destiny. - Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 28 September 2008

Worship is a freedom of expression but it is also a conscience effort. We must come boldly before his throne, the gateway to his eternal and lasting presence. - Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 1 February 2009

Salvation is an ongoing relationship with Christ.  It’s not: “I’ve been saved”, it’s: I’m being saved”. We are being freed from sin and becoming more like Christ every day, while gaining strength through grace, redemption, and empowerment. - Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 18 March 2009

God, I trust you with everything I’ve got because of everything you are. - Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 3 May 2009, 4:00 PM

If your relationship with God has not inconvenienced you in some way, if self-denial and sacrifice are not at the forefront of your intentions, then conformity has become your religion. - Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 12 May 2009

A day is not without its struggles and a year is not without its tears. It’s the joy set before me that brings purpose to their place in my life, and because of them I gain strength even in my weakness. - Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 1 January 2010

There can be no adventure born from expected conditions and predictable outcomes. - Jim [Ed] Hardaway, June 2010

Grace is like gravy... It covers. - Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 29 August 2010

Don’t let the realist kill the dreamer in you. - Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 11 November 2010

It’s not how many limits we can push or how many lines we can cross, it’s how much we want to please God more than anything else. - Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 3 December 2010

These quotes are a collection of daily thoughts, curiosities, ideas, challenges, and questions I’ve had in my journey. I am always quick to write them down, and have found tremendous encouragement and inspiration when reflecting on them. What starts in my journal often lands in my writings.

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